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About Hockema

Hockema Group, Inc. is an independent, full service naval architecture firm primarily involved in commercial and government projects in various sectors of the marine industry. We provide naval architecture and marine engineering services for tugs, barges, commercial fishing vessels, dredgers, cargo vessels, workboats, passenger vessels and government/military service vessels. Our work is balanced between new construction design, conversion/modification design and miscellaneous consulting work.

Our highest design priorities are on issues of safety, efficiency, durability and aesthetics, as well as maintaining a keen awareness of the owner’s and builder’s specific needs for a project. We promote innovation and marine safety in all the work we do.

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Our Mission

We do good work, for good people.

Core Principles

In our business, competency and respect are paramount. We seek to offer our customers, employees and contractors the best solutions we can create.  Rewarding and profitable business is a result of these durable positive relationships.

We promote fairness in business. This includes our customers, employees, contractors, shipyards, government agencies, vendors or any other persons or organizations involved in our work.

We are a small business and will promote other small businesses that offer quality services or products. We believe that innovative small businesses provide important contributions to the advancement of our industry and society.

When faced with complex or otherwise difficult problems, we always seek to form a consensus for solving the problem. Teamwork results in better solutions than individuals alone.

We can always learn from others. We constantly seek to improve ourselves, as individuals and as a company.

We act ethically and in accordance with engineering laws and regulations.

Client List

  • Alaska Boat Company (Seattle WA)
  • Aleutian Spray Fisheries (Seattle WA)
  • Conrad Shipyard (Morgan City LA)
  • Delta Marine Industries (Seattle WA)
  • Dunlap Towing Company (Everett WA)
  • Foss Maritime (Seattle WA)
  • Fred Wahl Marine Construction (Reedsport OR)
  • Gunderson Marine (Portland OR)
  • Hansen Boat Co. (Everett WA)
  • Holland American Line (Seattle WA)
  • Icicle Seafoods (Seattle WA)
  • Lynden Companies (Seattle WA)
  • Manson Construction Co. (Seattle WA)
  • Modutech Marine (Tacoma WA)
  • Pacific Ocean Producers (Honolulu HI)
  • Pacific / Atlantic Marine Leasing (Portland OR)
  • Sause Bros. (Coos Bay OR)
  • Totem Ocean Trailer Express (Tacoma WA)
  • Trident Seafoods (Seattle WA)
  • United States Seafoods (Seattle WA)
  • United States Navy (NAVSEA)
  • Yaquina Boat Equipment (Toledo OR)
  • Young Brothers (Honolulu HI)
  • And many other marine operating companies