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Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Towards developing optimized project solutions, Hockema Group offers a range of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services to efficiently design complex geometry and take full advantage of construction materials used. Our 3-D modeling and advanced analysis capabilities identify those key areas of loading and prioritize where the addition of more robust structure has the greatest effect. Project needs where we can apply FEA include:

  • Hull girder longitudinal strength assessment with torsional loading
  • Local structural arrangement verification
  • Load ratings for deck fittings (e.g. bollards, staples, cleats, towing pads, tow post installations, mooring bitts/chocks)
  • Major equipment foundation analysis (e.g. main engine beds, winch foundations, crane pedestals)
  • Predicting scantling performance subject to corrosion wastage
  • Heat transfer and expansion simulation for piping system design
  • Structural borne vibration analysis
For more general geometry, HG can develop simplified structural grillage models to determine load paths over large structural areas or space frame type structures. While having less detail than full 3-D models, our quicker turnaround models similarly evaluate the strength performance trends of complete structural systems and guide the designer to the most effective use of materials. This simplified modeling approach can be applied to:

  • Optimizing deck scantling sizes to support both local equipment loading and regulatory requirements
  • Mast structural design
  • Determining load reactions at vessel structural support points
  • Design of lifting appliances and associated foundations for fixed davits, A-frames, deck cranes, and other equipment.