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3D Scanning

3D Scanning Services

Hockema offers a full set of 3D scanning services to document existing boats and installations. These scans quickly and accurately document the existing hull shape, deck equipment, or machinery spaces, and can be completed with the vessel afloat or in drydock. New or replacement parts can be closely matched to the existing structure or machinery and checked for interferences before the vessel is in the shipyard, saving time and money. Possible scan applications include:
  • Vessel exterior/hull shape for stability calculations, sponsoning, lengthening, or bulb installation
  • Propellers and rudders for replacement with integrated propulsion units
  • Machinery spaces for engine or piping replacement
  • Processing spaces for upgrades or machinery replacement
  • Refrigeration spaces for new equipment
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Deck equipment scan on a trawler
Barge pump room scan for pipe replacement
Machinery room scan for generator replacement