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Our complete suite of services spans from conceptual design through construction management. We offer 3-D design capabilities for construction efficiency and long-term value. Our goal is to help each of our clients meet its goal of a superior and cost-effective engineered project. Services include:

Naval Architecture

A broad range of design and consulting services touching nearly every aspect of ship engineering. Click here for more information


Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

From full hull girder analysis to localized structural foundation engineering and more, Hockema Group’s Finite Element capabilities cover a wide spectrum of customer needs and provides a powerful tool for efficient design and solving complex problems. Click here for more information

Hull Form Optimization

The foundation upon which all successful vessels begin, Hockema Group employs state of the art tools and methodologies to the art and science of crafting hull shapes. Click here for more information

Marine Engineering

Click here for more information

Marine Electrical Engineering

Modern vessels are becoming more reliant on complex electrical components to run critical systems and as the technology in power conversion and storage matures the industry is pushing towards a future with a larger segment of fleets moving towards electrical propulsion. Our marine electrical engineers have the experience and know-how to provide the necessary support whether it’s the development of an entire vessel’s electrical system or a discrete project/installation. Click here for more information

3D Modeling and Lofting

Modern, efficient ship production requires accurate, timely and flexible lofting support. Hockema Group provides rapid generation of production-ready lofting for fabrication. Click here for more information

Project Management

Technical support during bidding and construction phases.

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