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58′ x 26′ Trawler; Todd Hoppe

This 58’ x 18’ Fishing Vessel was designed by B. F. Jensen & Associates as an Alaska Limit Seiner and was built in 1973 By Peterson Boatbuilding Company in Tacoma, WA. The vessel was not outfitted as a seiner but was equipped to longline for halibut, cod and pot fish. Hockema provided design, engineering, and support for the major rebuild & conversion project completed at Gidding Boatworks in 2016, that included the following changes:

  • The molded breadth of hull increased from 18’ to 26’.
  • The vessel was not lengthened in order to qualify as a limit seiner in the future.
  • Sponson and Bulbous Bow additions to the hull.
  • Fish hold capacity was increased from 1,250 cubic feet to 1,660 cubic feet.
  • Fuel oil capacity was increased from 4,220 gallons to 6,328 gallons.
  • The vessel tonnage was kept below 100 GRT.
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