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Fishing – Pacific Challenger

Fishing Vessel | Pacific Challenger

116.5′ x 36′ Trawler; Pacific Dawn LLC

Originally built as a 104.4’ x 36’ fishing vessel in 1969 at Bender Welding and Marine. Hockema provided design, engineering, and support for lengthening and adding a new stern gantry on the vessel. The vessel conversion and modifications were completed at Marine Industries Northwest in 2008 and included the following changes:

  • The vessel length was increased from 104.4’ to 116.5’.
  • Sponson and Bulbous Bow additions to the hull.
  • Fish hold capacity increased from 3,000 cubic feet to 5,700 cubic feet.
  • New Hockema design stern extension and Gantry was added.
  • New updated Stability Booklet provided.

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